End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Notification: X20 and X4

X20 and X4 Hardware Platforms

Vectra announces the end-of-sale and end-of life of the X4 and X20 hardware platforms. These products have been superseded by newer products from Vectra.

After the end-of-life date, deployments which include end-of-life appliances* will no longer be able to receive version updates of or patches to the Vectra software and therefore will not receive new features, algorithm enhancements, bug fixes or any other update of any kind.  Further information on Vectra's End-Of-Life policy may be found here.

These platforms will also no longer be covered under support contracts or hardware break-fix contracts. Customers who currently have these hardware platforms are urged to contact their Vectra sales representatives regarding upgrading to the latest Vectra hardware.

EoL announcement date The date that the document announcing the end of life for a product has been made public. March 10, 2017
EoS date The date of the last sale of the product. December 31, 2016
Last ship date The date of the last shipment of the product for a new sale. December 31, 2016
End of software updates for these platforms The date on which software updates for these products will no longer be served or available. December 31, 2018
Last date of support The last date to receive support services for these products. December 31, 2018

* Vectra Cognito deployments require that all appliances in the deployment run the same version of software.  Deployments which include end-of-life appliances will be locked to the last supported version for those appliances until those appliances are removed from the deployment.  No support will be offered for these deployments, including hardware replacements, until the unsupported/end-of-life appliances are removed from the deployment.

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