SFPs recommended for Vectra appliances

Approved SFP transceivers

Vectra recommends using only Intel approved SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) transceivers for Vectra X-Series and S-Series appliances.  The table below lists approved SFPs for 10G interfaces.  The companion article here should be read for additional notes regarding 40G QSFP interfaces on the S101 platform.

Manufacturer Product Code Type
Intel E10GSFPSR 10GBASE-SR/1000BASE-SX (10G supported only)
Intel E10GSFPLR 10GBASE-LR/1000BASE-LX (10G supported only)
Avago ABCU-5710RZ 1000BASE-T
Finisar FCLF8522P2BTL 1000BASE-T
HP 453153-001 1000BASE-SX

Vectra cannot guarantee successful operation for SFP transceivers not listed above.  Genuine SFPs from reputable vendors which are fully compliant with all relevant specifications are expected to work normally and reliably.

Speed negotiation for SFP interfaces

The Intel NICs used in Vectra appliances do not support dual-speed negotiation for SFP+ interfaces.  For this reason, the capture port NICs will only operate at the highest speed available for the inserted SFP and will not attempt to negotiate a lower speed.  For example, a 1G/10G SFP+ module inserted into a 10G SFP+ socket will only support 10G link speeds, even if the underlying SFP+ supports link speed negotiation down to 1G link speeds.

Should a dual-speed SFP be installed in a Vectra appliance and be connected to a 1G interface one of the following symptoms may occur.  These symptoms may not be consistent and depend on the specific SFP installed:

  • The port may not bring the link up correctly and may show link down.
  • The port may bring the link up inconsistently at 1G or 10G.
  • The port state may be reset during appliance reboot or software upgrade, after which it may present either of the above symptoms.

These issues are a result of underlying hardware constraint for the Intel NIC and cannot be resolved with future software updates.

Single-speed SFPs (1G or 10G) do not exhibit these symptoms and for this reason, Vectra recommends that all customers order SFPs to match the expected link speed for the peer device.

Direct-Attach-Copper cables

The Intel NICs used in Vectra appliances are expected to be compatible with SFP+ passive or active limiting direct attach copper cables that comply with the SFF-8431 v4.1 and SFF-8472 v10.4 specifications.  Cables up to 7m in length are expected to work.

Only SFP+ (10G) DAC are compatible with Vectra NICs, SFP (1G) DAC will not operate in any circumstances in Vectra interface ports.

Vectra does not actively test DAC cables with Vectra appliances.  If you wish for Vectra to test specific cables in advance of purchasing a Vectra appliance please contact your account team or Vectra Support to discuss your requirements.

Cloned/low-quality SFP transceivers

Customers should note that many unbranded or clone optics are readily available which are not compliant with all specifications or illegitimately claim to be manufactured by another vendor.

In these cases performance, reliability and compatibility are likely to suffer and in many cases, the link will not come up.

Customers may find that rebooting the appliance resets the link state for these SFPs and may cause these SFPs to successfully negotiate links that they did not before.

Illegally cloned transceivers claiming to be Intel SFPs will cause the Intel NIC to shut down all ports until they are removed.

We cannot recommend the use of these transceivers in any Vectra device.

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