Vectra Appliance Modes

Available Appliance Modes

Vectra appliances operate in one of three modes.  Following is a table describing these modes.

Mode Functions Description
Sensor Flow Packet capture, traffic parsing, metadata, and PCAP communication to the paired brain.
Brain Detections, UI Analyzes traffic metadata from paired sensors and vsensors. Reports detections via web UI.
Mixed Flow, Detections, UI Parses traffic, collects PCAPs, and analyzes traffic from itself and any additional paired sensors or vsensors. Reports detections via web UI.

These modes allow for flexibility in the design of a Vectra solution.

Determining the Current Mode

To display the current mode of a Vectra appliance:

  • Login on the appliance as the user 'vectra'
  • Run the command 'show mode'

Converting Between Modes

The method for converting a Vectra appliance from one mode to another depends on the appliance's current mode.  The following table summarizes the possibilities:

  Current Mode
Desired Mode Brain Mixed Sensor
Brain N/A
set mode brain
No data loss.
Not Supported
set mode mixed
No data loss.
N/A Not Supported

Contact Vectra Support

Brain data will be lost during conversion.

Contact Vectra Support

Brain data will be lost during conversion.



As you can see from the above table:

  • It is straightforward to toggle an appliance between mixed-mode and brain mode. The provided commands should be entered at the CLI while logged in as the "vectra" user.
  • Vectra Support will need to be engaged to convert a brain or mixed-mode appliance to Sensor mode.
  • Once an appliance has been converted to Sensor mode, it cannot later be converted back to brain or mixed mode.
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