System Status Reports

In the CLI of Vectra appliances you will see two undocumented commands:

status-report generate
status-report list

These two commands are used by Vectra Support to generate and retrieve diagnostic reports.  The diagnostic reports contain configuration information, log entries and associated data useful when diagnosing appliance issues remotely.

The data within these reports is not expected to be useful to customers . They are gpg encrypted.

When instructed by Vectra Support you should generate the system status report as follows:

  • List any existing system status reports:
    status-report list
  • Generate a new system status report:
    status-report generate
  • Identify the new system status report:
    status-report list
  • Download the system status report from the URL provided.
  • Send the downloaded report to Vectra by replying to the Support email you received from Vectra Support.

You can also generate status report from GUI by navigating to the URL


Then click on Generate Report.

System status reports can be generated but cannot currently be downloaded on sensors.  These status reports can be examined in-situ by Vectra Support as required.

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