What is the return process for an RMA?


How does the RMA process work?

Vectra will ship a replacement unit to you, and provide assistance with configuring that unit to replace the original unit.  After that, or in parallel to it, you will box and prepare the original unit for return shipment. 

What information is required before RMA can be initiated?

Vectra support requires the following information before initiating the RMA process:

  • Result of the "sys-check" command from "vscli" in the Brian/Sensor device.
  • Photo/Screenshot of the screen if the device fails to boot.

When is an RMA process complete?

The RMA process is complete when both the replacement unit is in place and operational, and the original unit has been returned to Vectra.

Who pays for return shipment?

Vectra pays for the return shipment.

What is the process for bringing the replacement unit online?

This will vary depending on the model of unit, the state of the original unit, and your specific environment.  Please coordinate this effort with and we will be happy to provide details on the process for your installation.

What is the process to return the original device?

For the return, please box up the unit in the same box the replacement unit arrived in.

Please be sure to include all SPFs, the front bezel and rail kits, and please ensure to use all of the internal packing material so the unit won't move around during shipping.

If a return shipping label was included in the box with the replacement unit, please use it.  Otherwise, please let us know and we'll be happy to provide a return shipping label for you to use.

What are the return shipping instructions?

If a label was not provided, or the one that was provided has been list, please contact to get another.

In most cases a URL will be provided to you which you can use to generate/print the shipping labels.   Subsequent to that please contact the courier and arrange pickup.  Most couriers have local numbers to call to arrange pickup, and web sites are also available.  Vectra does not maintain local contact information for couriers.  The contact information from the shipping label or the courier's web site should be used.

Are the return shipping instructions the same across all locations (EMEA/APAC/US) or do the return instructions differ according to geography?

The instructions do vary slightly by geography and customs borders.  The instructions on the return shipping label should be followed.

For EMEA shipments, Vectra will provide you with a link to generate/print the label.  For US shipments, a return shipping label and return instructions will be included with the replacement unit.  If this cannot be located please contact for a new one. 

Which couriers are used in US and EMEA?

Courier selection varies by destination and shipment type.  Fedex and UPS are the most common couriers.

What is the expected timeline for shipping in US and in EMEA?

Vectra will in most cases ship replacement equipment within 24 hours.  Delivery service is always expedited next business day, unless customer wants/needs/can support non-business receipt.  Delivery times can vary depending on destination and customs clearance times.

I have more questions about the RMA process.  Who can help?

For all other inquiries please contact Vectra Support by emailing

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