Replacing disk drives in a Vectra Brain appliance

Replacing disk drives in a Vectra Brain appliance

Normally, a Vectra brain appliance is equipped with 4 x 1TB hard-disk drives (HDD) in slots 0-3.  These drives are hot-swappable.  Because of their hot-swap capability, you do not need to access the inside of the chassis or power down the system to install or replace hard drives.   

Example X24 Device

Hard Drive Installation
The hard drives are mounted in drive carriers to simplify their installation and removal from the chassis. These carriers also help promote proper airflow for the drive bays. For this reason, even empty carriers without drives installed must remain in the chassis.

Removing Hard Drive Carriers from the Chassis

  1. Press the release button on the drive carrier.  This extends the drive carrier handle.
  2. Use the handle to pull the drive carrier out of the chassis.

Installing a Hard Drive into a Drive Carrier

  1. Remove the drive from the drive carrier.
  2. Insert a drive into the carrier with the PCB side facing down and the connector end toward the rear of the carrier.
  3. Align the drive in the carrier so that the screw holes of both line up. Note that there are holes in the carrier marked “SATA” to aid in correct installation.
  4. Secure the drive to the carrier with four M3 screws as illustrated below. These screws are included in the chassis accessory box.
  5. Insert the drive carrier into its bay, keeping the carrier oriented so that the hard drive is on the top of the carrier and the release button is on the right side. When the carrier reaches the rear of the bay, the release handle will retract.
  6. Push the handle in until it clicks into its locked position.

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