How do I access a Brain or Sensor whose IP address is unreachable?

An administrator wishing to access a physical Cognito Brain or Sensor device may still gain SSH access when the primary network interface is unreachable.

The administrator will require an SSH client (e.g. PuTTY, SecureCRT, OS/X Terminal or equivalent) and the ability to connect directly to the Support interface of an S2 Sensor appliance (labelled “SUPPORT”) or the MGT2 interface of an X-series appliance. This connection should use a cross-over Ethernet cable, though it's likely that a straight through Ethernet cable will work due to the prevalence of automatic cross-over detection.

The Support and MGT2 interfaces of all Cognito devices have a default IP address of and subnet mask

In order to establish an SSH connection please set the IP address of the client device to with subnet mask of and initiate the SSH connection to the device using the username "vectra". From an OS/X Terminal the command would be: "ssh vectra@".

At the password prompt use the configured password or the default CLI password (found in this article).

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