How do I change the IP address of a Sensor?

The IP address of a Sensor can be changed at the Sensor’s CLI prompt.  The CLI prompt may be accessed from the serial console port (S-series and X-series devices), keyboard/VGA monitor (X-series only) or SSH (see this article).

At the login prompt please use the default user credentials for CLI access.

Once at the CLI prompt the following command may be used to see the current configuration of the management interface:

vscli > show interface mgt1

Syntax for the "set interface" command has changed as of version 6.4. Please refer to the following article for specifics on setting the IP address of an appliance:

If connecting to the MGT1 interface of the Sensor you should expect for the SSH session to be lost after changing the IP address.  Therefore, if using SSH, we recommend that you connect to the Support/MGT2 interface when changing the IP address of the device (see this article).

No further configuration changes are required on the Sensor.

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