How do I ensure a Brain has Remote Support enabled?

In order to verify if the Vectra appliance has Remote Support enabled. Please log in to the Vectra Detect GUI with an admin level account and navigate to

Settings -  Services  - Remote Support

This page will display the status of the Remote Support. By default this will be disabled.

To enable click on Edit and toggle to on.

Once Enable it should say  "Remote Support is enabled"


Remote Support can also be enabled with the vectra user from the CLI

set vpn enable on 

To turn disable :

set vpn enable off

NB: If using a restrictive firewalling policy, access will need to be granted according to the requirements documented in Firewall requirements for Vectra Appliances.

Remote Support does not support proxy configuration by default, if this is the only option please contact support to configure Remote Support manually to use the proxy

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