How do I ensure my Sensor can reach the Brain?

Managing Sensors

Sensors are managed from the Brain User Interface (UI). The Brain is a Vectra X-series platform configured in either Brain or Mixed mode.

Mixed mode allows the X-series to function as both a Brain and a Sensor.

To reach the Sensor management page, open the left-hand menu bar of the Brain UI and select the 'Manage' menu.

From the 'Manage' menu, select the 'Sensors' tab from the top-level menu bar.

If the Brain and a hardware Sensor have connectivity to the Vectra Cloud, pairing and unpairing can be initiated from the 'Manage - Sensors' page shown below. 

A “Waiting” icon indicates that the Brain is attempting to pair with the sensor.

An indicator with a red exclamation point followed by a date, indicates that the sensor was connected, but has now gone offline or connectivity has been lost.

In order to successfully pair a physical or virtual Sensor to a Brain, the sensor must have the following:

  1. SSH connectivity to the Brain (TCP – 22)
  2. SSL connectivity to the Brain (TCP – 443)
  3. (Optional for hardware sensors) – SSL Connectivity to (TCP – 443)

Sensor pairing may take up to four minutes, during which time the sensor status will display as "Waiting" on the Sensor Details page in the Brain UI.

If after four minutes, the Sensor status still displays "Waiting", the most likely scenario is that the Sensor cannot establish an SSH tunnel to the Brain.

Use your laptop or workstation to test connectivity to the Brain from the corresponding subnet.  Initiate an outbound SSH session to the Brain from the same subnet as the Sensor you are attempting to pair.

Example – c:\ssh vectra@your.brain.ip.address

If you are unable to connect to the Brain using this method, it is likely there is a network device (router or firewall) restricting connectivity.

Similarly, you may also attempt to initiate an outbound SSL session to the corresponding Brain from the same subnet as the Sensor you are attempting to pair.

Once SSH and SSL connectivity has been verified, your Vectra sensor should successfully pair with your Vectra Brain.

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