Pairing a hardware Sensor with a new Brain

This article covers pairing a hardware sensor with a new or different Cognito Brain.

Please note that virtual Sensors are permanently tied to the brain they were originally downloaded or deployed from, and can't be paired with a different brain.  Virtual Sensors should be deployed using the OVA from the brain they need to be paired with.

Before moving a Sensor to a new Brain it must first be unpaired from its existing Brain.  The Brain must be able to reach the Vectra Cloud and the sensor must be powered on and have an active tunnel to the original Brain.

To unpair, perform the following:

  1. In the Cognito UI, navigate to the 'Manage', then 'Sensors' pages.
  2. Click on the sensor you wish to unpair.
  3. Click the 'Unpair' button in the dialog box.

After the Sensor successfully unpairs, which may take a few minutes, the Status column will change to 'Available.'  Once the sensor is in this state, pairing can be initiated from the new Brain as follows:

  1. On the new Brain click on the sensor you wish to pair.
  2. In the dialog box, update the "Sensor Name", and "Sensor Location" as appropriate.
  3. Click on the "Pair" button in the dialog box.
  4. For offline Sensors, those Sensors without direct access to the Vectra Cloud, the Sensor should be instructed to pair with the new Brain with the command "set brain x.x.x.x" where "x.x.x.x" is the IP address of the Brain.

Sensor pairing should complete after a few minutes and will now show as being 'Paired' under Status, and show a date and time for Last Seen.

This completes pairing with the new brain.

If a Sensor cannot be gracefully unpaired from its existing Brain, the following migration process should be used, requiring Sensor CLI access.

After Sensor unpairing has been initiated, as indicated in the steps above, the brain configuration must be cleared:

  1. Login to the Sensor using ssh to access the Sensor CLI:
    ssh vectra@sensor_mgt_ip
  2. From the Sensor CLI, issue the 'del brain' command
    del brain
  3. After clearing the local Sensor brain configuration, the Sensor should again show as Available in the Status column, now follow the steps above to pair with the new Brain.
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