Configuring the IPMI / iDRAC IP Adddress

In versions prior to 6.4 the IPMI / iDRAC interface was fixed to DHCP mode.

In versions 6.4 and later the ability to configure a static IP or DHCP mode for systems that include IPMI / iDRAC functionality has been added to the CLI.

Methods of accessing the console are described in this article:

Default usernames and passwords for the CLI and IPMI / iDRAC are available in this article:

Once logged into an appliance, the following command can be used to see the current configuration.  Example output is shown:

show ipmi_interface

Example Output:
Mac: d0:94:66:48:0a:ad
Mode: static
To set the IPMI / iDRAC interface the command syntax and an example are shown below:
Syntax Example:
set ipmi_interface -h
Usage: set ipmi_interface [OPTIONS] [dhcp|static] [IP_ADDRESS] [SUBNET_MASK] [GATEWAY_ADDRESS]

Set the ipmi interface config

-h, --help Show this message and exit.

Command Example (Static Addressing):
set ipmi_interface static
IPMI Interface Change: success

Command Example (DHCP):
set ipmi_interace dhcp
IPMI Interface Change: Success
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