Azure Sensor Deployment Guide

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This document describes the pre-requisites, specifications, and steps required to deploy a Detect for Network Sensor in an Azure subscription to monitor cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service workloads. These Sensors can be paired to Brains of any type. 

Azure Sensors can be deployed in configurations that support up to 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps of network throughput per Sensor. 

The input to the Sensor can be from any VxLAN-based 3rd party packet broker or the Microsoft virtual network tap (VTAP) when it becomes available. 


  • Deployment from Azure Marketplace
    • Cloud Sensor Registration Token
    • Pairing Azure Virtual Sensors (vSensors)
  • Host ID Extraction
    • Configuration Example
    • Viewing and Modifying Virtual Networks Considered by the Connector
  • Worldwide Support Contact Information
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