X80 Quick Start Guide

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This document is intended to help customers or partners with the initial configuration of Vectra X80 appliances. This is limited to basic network connectivity. The X80 appliance can be deployed in 2 modes (Brain or Sensor). Modes are discussed further in the Vectra Platform Quick Start Guide. This initial setup of the networking connectivity for the X80 will be nearly identical for both modes. The only difference will be that for an X80 in Sensor mode, the DNS settings can only be configured at the command line in. When deploying as a Brain, the DNS can be configured at the command line or in the GUI. The Vectra Platform Quick Start Guide covers basic firewall rules needed, initial Brain GUI settings, and pairing of physical Sensors. Virtual Sensor (VMware and Hyper-V) configuration and pairing and covered in their respective Quick Start Guides.


  • Package Contents
  • Physical Connections (and disk numbering)
    • Connections Required for Initial Configuration of MGT Port
    • Additional Cabling/Racking Notes of Interest
  • X80 Initial Configuration
    • DHCP Quick Start
    • Static Addressing Quick Start
      • Configuration Checklist for Static Addressing
      • Accessing the Command Line Interface (CLI) of the X80 Appliance
      • Setting at Static IP Address
  • Worldwide Support Contact Information
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