Vectra Cognito Platform Getting Started Guide

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This guide is intended to help customers or partners get started with the Vectra Platform. This will include an overview of the platform including components and Vectra terminology. This covers physical Vectra appliances and virtual Sensors. It covers basic network connectivity requirements (firewall rules that may be needed in your environment), guidance for air-gapped deployments, initial settings, recommended next steps.

This guide is meant to be used in conjunction with the quick start guide for your appliance which covers the package contents, hardware connection details, and options to IP the appliance. A separate Cognito Physical Appliance Pairing Guide is available on the Vectra support portal. For customers deploying virtual Sensors, please see the VMware vSensor Getting Started Guide or the Hyper-V vSensor Getting Started Guide on the Vectra support portal for deployment, initial configuration, and pairing steps for vSensors.


  • Platform Overview
    • Vectra Products
    • Appliance Modes
  • Basic Connectivity Requirements
    • Firewall/Proxy SSL Inspection
    • Internet Access from Cognito Detect Brain
    • Internet Access to Cognito Appliances (Physical or Virtual)
    • Guidance for Air-Gapped Deployments
    • Connectivity Requirements (Firewall Rules)
    • Connectivity Requirements (Firewall Rules) - optional but high recommended
    • Why is Metadata Sharing Important
  • Brain Initial Installation and Configuration
    • Requirements
    • Login and Change the "admin" password
    • Settings > General > Brain
    • Settings > General > DNS Entries
    • Settings > General > Internal IP Addresses (CIDR)
    • Settings > General > NTP Entries
    • Settings > General > PCAP Generation
    • Settings > General > Sensors
    • Settings > General > Static IP Addresses (CIDR)
    • Settings > General > Timezone
    • Settings > General > Version
    • Settings > Notifications > SMTP
    • Settings > Notifications > Alert Emails
  • Vectra Cloud Connectivity
    • Settings > Services > Proxy Config & Connection Status
    • Lightweight Health Monitoring
    • Remote Support VPN
    • Metadata Sharing
  • Recommended Next Steps
  • Worldwide Support Contact Information
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