Cognito Physical Appliance Pairing Guide

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This guide is intended to help customers or partners with pairing of Vectra Cognito Physical appliances. This includes appliances used as Sensors for the Cognito platform (S2, S101, X29, X80) or physical Vectra Cognito Stream appliances (M29). For customers deploying virtual Sensors, please see the VMware vSensor Getting Started Guide or the Hyper-V vSensor Getting Started Guide.


  • About Sensor(s) and Stream
  • Pairing (Physical Appliances)
  • Sensor/Stream Pairing States
  • Pairing Physical Sensors or Stream Appliances
  • Pairing in Air-Gapped Environment vs Pairing Offline
  • Pairing a Physical Sensor or Stream with a new Brain
  • Pairing a Physical Sensor or Stream to a new Brain with a Changed IP/Hostname
  • Worldwide Support Contact Information


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