Cognito AWS IaaS Best Practices Guide


It’s only recently that various Public Cloud providers are offering technologies that allow Security Architects to deploy Vectra® into the public cloud.  However, architecting solutions like Vectra in the cloud are very different from architecting and deploying an on-premises version of the solution.  This paper will look at some of the issues and challenges you may encounter as you are building your Vectra deployment.


  • Vectra for AWS
  • Differences Between On-Premises and the Cloud
  • Developing a Deployment Architecture
  • Sizing and Placement of the Brain
  • Sizing and Placement of Sensors
  • Example Deployment Scenarios
    • Single VPC
    • Multi VPC
    • Multi Account
    • Multi Region
    • Hybrid Cloud
  • Integrating with AWS Services
    • Security Groups
    • IAM – Users, Roles, and Policies
    • Fitting into your DevOps Workflow
    • Automated Deployment of Vectra Cloud Appliances
    • Automated Deployment of VPC Traffic Mirrors
    • Automated Deployment of VPC Traffic Mirrors with Lambda
    • Automatic Remediation of Vectra Events
    • Integration with Slack for ChatSecOps
    • Vectra REST API
  • Appendix A – Establishing Traffic Mirrors
  • Worldwide Support Contact Information
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