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Starting from the 4.0 release Cognito supports restoring backups from the 'vectra' CLI login.


Restore can only be performed when the backup file was taken from the running release of software.  Backup files taken from versions prior to the current release cannot be restored.

Using the Restore command

Help : This command displays the options available

vscli > restore -h
Usage: restore [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
Restore from a backup.
-h, --help Show this message and exit.
list List available backups
run Restore all data from the given file.

List : This command will list locally-stored backups. There will be a maximum of one backup at any given time. If there are no backups, "No local backups to show" will be printed.

vscli > restore list -h
Usage: restore list [OPTIONS]
List available backups
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

Run: This command will restore system state from a backup. You may restore from either local or remote backups.

For remote backup files user input (e.g. passwords) may be requested.

The default option, --configured, will fetch a backup from the configured target.  If using this option please ensure that the configured user account has access to list files (SSH shell access for SCP and SFTP 'list' access for SFTP).

vscli > restore run -h

Usage: restore run [OPTIONS] [BACKUP_IDENTIFIER]

Restore all data from the given file.


Restore from the configured target:
restore run
Restore from the most recent local backup:
restore run --local
Restore a specific backup from a LOCAL `restore list`:
restore run --local 2
Restore a specific backup from any source (external) `restore list`:
restore run 2
Note the removal of the --local flag.

Restore from a remote backup:
restore run --http
restore run --scp user@host:/tmp/backup.tar.gz.gpg
restore run --sftp user@host:/tmp/backup.tar.gz.gpg
--no-check-certificate Don't check the https server certificate
--local Use a locally-stored backup
--sftp Retrieve backup over sftp
--scp Retrieve backup over scp
--http Retrieve backup over http
--configured Retrieve backup from configured target
-h, --help Show this message and exit.



Restore Example

restore run --scp backupuser@storage-server:/backups/migrate20180412.tar.gz.gpg



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