Physical Hosts - 100% Not Covered

If you are seeing 100% Not covered on the Physical Hosts page  or some vSensors have no coverage when they should the things to verify are :

1. Ensure vCenter integration is working and you have set up a valid read-only account

2. Restart the vCenter connector by turning integration off and on in Settings->External Connectors->vCenter

3. During a migration or an update to the vSensor, the vSphere vApp properties Vectra relies on can be overwritten. To correct this you can:

  • Edit the vApp Product Information for the vSensor
  • Change the Product name to eg. "Vectra vSensor ($serial_number)"  (replace with the actual Serial Number)
  • You can review VMWare's documentation on the process on VMWare's documentation website here

4. Optionally, redeploying the sensor will also correct the vApp properties.

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