Configuring S2 Sensor

Physical connection

To configure the S2 you will need RJ-45 Cable and laptop

Connect the Vectra S-series console port to the management computer using a standard RJ-45 console cable.

Connect to the console port of the sensor using Putty or similar terminal emulation software with the following settings:

  • Baud Rate: 115200
  • Data Bits 8
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Parity: None
  • Flow Control: None

Note: Below shows 'COM3' as an example - use any available COM port

You should get a login prompt. You can log into the console using the 'vectra' user default credentials (found here).

Configuring the MGT1 IP address and the default gateway

Syntax for the "set interface" command has changed as of version 6.4. Please refer to the following article for specifics on setting the IP address of an appliance:

Verify the IP configuration using the "show interface mgt1" command:

vscli > show interface mgt1

Configure the DNS server/s:

vscli > set dns
Usage: set dns [nameserver1 <ip>] [nameserver2 <ip>] [nameserver3 <ip>]

Verify connectivity to brain/headend X-series using the ping command:

vscli > ping <IP address of brain mgt1 interface>

Initiate sensor pairing to brain:

vscli > set brain <brainipaddress>

Verify brain has been set correctly:

vscli > show brain
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    Robert Rivera

    If you are using DHCP, best practice would be to setup a DHCP reservation.  The brain doesn't like when the sensors switch IPs and could result in a loss of connectivity between the brain and the sensor.

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