Console access on Vectra Cognito appliances

Depending on model, Vectra Cognito appliances have options for connecting to the console:

  1. KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) - Connect VGA monitor + USB keyboard (X24/X29/X80) - sometimes referred to as 'crash cart'.   Appropriate in cases where crash cart is available.
  2. MGT2 - Connect a laptop/client device to Vectra Cognito appliance MGT2 port.  Requires Ethernet cable and reconfiguring IP address of laptop/client device to address in 169.254.0.X range.  This port may be labelled as MGT2, LAN2 or Support depending on the platform.
  3. Putty to Console/Serial port - use Putty to connect to Vectra Cognito appliance Serial COM port, labelled as COM, COM1, Console or Serial.  Putty access may require special cable/drivers for laptop, and/or laptop may have group policy GPO restricting use of laptop COM/USB ports.
  4. IPMI - Connect to IPMI (iDrac) port using Ethernet cable and access the IPMI web interface using HTTP or directly to console using IPMI Serial-over-LAN (X24/X29/X80 only).
  • X24/X29/X80 - Vectra Cognito appliance uses DB9 COM port serial console 
  • S2 - Vectra Cognito appliance uses RJ-45 COM port serial console

Connect a laptop/client device to MGT2 port

The MGT2 interface on all Vectra Cognito appliances has a default IP address of and subnet mask  In order to establish an SSH connection to the MGT2 interface using a laptop/client device:

  • Set the IP address of the laptop/client device to address in 169.254.0.X range with a subnet mask of (Example:, with subnet mask of
  • Connect Ethernet cable from laptop/client device to Vectra Cognito appliance MGT2 port.  (This connection should use a cross-over Ethernet cable, though it's likely that a straight through Ethernet cable will work due to the prevalence of automatic cross-over detection.)
  • Initiate SSH connection to the Vectra Cognito appliance MGT2 interface using the default credentials, username "vectra".
    » ssh vectra@

If the system is unresponsive it would be useful to reboot the appliance while watching the console.    




Putty Settings for terminal emulation:
  • Baud Rate: 115200
  • Data Bits 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Flow Control: None










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