Send Syslog to Kafka

To configure browse to Settings - Notifications - Kafka


Enter the destination IP or DNS name and port of Kafka bootstrap server(s)

  • Kafka has one (or more) designated bootstrap servers that will initiate the connection
  • Format is destination:port
  • Multiple bootstrap brokers may be entered in this box

Select a protocol:

  • SSL
  • TCP

Upload your CA Certificate, Client Certificate and Client key (all required)

  • CA certificate
    • Must be in unencrypted PEM, x.509 format
  • Client Certificate
    • Must be in unencrypted PEM, x.509 format
    • Must be signed by CA certificate
  • Client Key
    • Must be in unencrypted PEM, x.509 format
    • Must match Client Certificate

Select a Log Topic type:

  • Common topic for all log types
    • Must specify a topic name
    • No spaces or special characters allowed
  • Unique topic name each log type

Select a Format:

  • Standard
  • CEF

Select any combination of Log Types:

  • Campaigns
  • Detections
  • Hosts
  • Audit logs
  • System health

Click Save

Wait approximately one minute for internal services to start up.

Click Test icon at far right of Kakfa table row. 


A test message for every configured log type will be sent to the destination should now be visible in your Kakfa consumer.

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