Troubleshooting Automated Backup Copy Failures

Troubleshooting Copy failures

Automated backup copy failures may be detected by Vectra Support proactive monitoring or via syslog backup failure message:

Mar 21 14:55:08  - -: AUDIT [dvc="" dvchost="" version="3.16" user="admin" role="None" source="None" type="user_action" outcome="failure" message=”Scheduled Backup copy to external target completed.”]

1. Login to the brain CLI via SSH ( username vectra ). Run the command :

backup show

Sample output:

Public Key Data: [ The RSA key, starting with  "ssh-rsa", will need to be added to authorised_keys file on target server ]
Copy Mode: [scp or sftp]
Last Backup: eg. 2019-02-06 05:17:28.567264
Backups Enabled: True [ Must be true for the backup copy to be attempted ]
Target User: [ Username used to connect to the remote system via SCP or SFTP ]
Last Backup Failure: 2018-02-21 15:19:19.367443 [ Date the last automated backup copy failure occured ]
Target Path: /path/backup [ Target path on the Remote backup server, the target user must have permissions to both read/write to this path ]
Last Copy Failure: eg. 2019-02-06 05:17:46.761683
External: True
Scheduled Backup Day: Wednesday [ Day of backup, only weekly backups are supported ]
Target Server: [ IP or FQDN of the backup server ]
Backup Dir: /mnt/raid1/backups - This is the local backup directory
Last Copy: 2018-07-25 05:13:45.997830
Scheduled Backup Hour: 5 [ Time of backup ]

2. Test current backup configuration

Test the backup copy by running the command:

backup test

Possible Failure message: "Test copy failed"

3. Possible Reasons for copy failure :

  1. Are the Target User, Target Directory and Target Server correct or have they recently changed?
  2. Is the Public Key present in the authorised_keys on the Targer Server?
  3. Are the permissions on the .ssh directory and authorised_keys correct?
    ~/.ssh must have 700 permissions, if not run the command:
    chmod 700 ~/.ssh

    ~/.ssh/authorized_keys must have 600 permissions, if not run the command:
    chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  4. Does the backup Target Path have read/write permissions for the configured Target User?
  5. Is there sufficient space on the Target Path?
  6. Is the Target Path is an NFS is correctly mounted?
  7. Is there SSH Inspection or firewall level block between the Brain and Backup target server?

If you need to setup backups again, the backup clear command may be used to configure the backups from fresh by following the steps in the implementation guides: Automated Backups SCP/SFTP or Brain to Brain Automated Backups


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