Save as new search in Recall

Update: As part of the 5.7 Cognito upgrade, this functionality now functions as normal in Cognito Recall.

As such, we have made the page private.


The previous "Save as new search" functionality has been disabled at this time.

Please note that any edits to existing standard Vectra Saved searches or Custom Models the following workflow can be performed.

1. Open the Saved search   - Open - search for the name for example " Cognito - VSA - Cloud Storage"

2.. Make the edits to the search need and run the query once with Screenshot_2019-08-06_at_17.51.41.png You must run the query to be able to save it.

3. Click on Save

4. The following error will show up


Change the name for example "* V2"

Click Save a again and the existing query will be cloned and saved as the new name.

Any non searches can be cloned using the following workflow, we would strongly discourage editing Cognito Saved Searches, as this can have unintended consequences.

1. Management - Saved Objects - Saved Searches - Select the Saved search you wish to duplicate and click on Export


2. Open the JSON locally with you favourite text editor. Change the name ( example VSA * v2 )  and remove the id field save the new json locally.


3. On the Management page - Click on Import to import the saved search.

4. Now make the changes you want to the imported search and save it.  Following these steps will preserve the original base search provided by Vectra and allow you to customize them and save them as new.


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