Software Support Policy - Software versions, upgrades and downgrades

Vectra's Cognito platform offers the latest in security technology.  To maintain the best security coverage for your environment it is critical that your Cognito deployment is up to date with the latest software releases.

Supported software versions

Vectra supports customers running the latest release (GA - General Availability) and the previous release (GA-1).  For example: If the current GA release is 6.2.x then customers running both 6.1.x and 6.2.x. are fully supported.

At the time of release of new GA software customers are expected to have already updated their platform to the previous GA release so that their support services remain active for the duration of their subscription.  Using the example versions above this would mean that, upon the release of the 6.3.x release the 6.1.x release becomes immediately unsupported and customers must be running 6.2.x or 6.3.x to be running a supported version.

Vectra Cognito's release cycle is approximately one calendar month, typically a 4-6 week cycle, allowing customers to schedule the necessary change windows and obtain the current release at their own pace without lagging behind on the latest releases.

Customers running older releases will be advised to update to either the latest release (GA) or the previous release (GA-1) to receive support.

This policy allows Vectra to focus on development and testing of the platform across the entire suite and allow interoperability between the on-premises appliances and cloud services (API, Recall, Azure and SaaS/Office 365 services), which are proactively updated with live cloud service updates.

Downgrading software versions

Vectra's Cognito platform does not support downgrading the software version installed on the appliance.  Customers running the GA-1 release are not able to downgrade to the previous (now unsupported) release and customers running the GA release are not able to downgrade to the GA-1 release.

Upgrading software versions

Vectra recommends that all customers subscribe to the automatic update service, enabled by default for new deployments.  On-premises deployments will need to validate their firewall rules and proxy configuration to ensure that connectivity is permitted to the automatic update service.  Further information is available in the firewall article here.

For security reasons Cloud deployments will automatically be updated as required to the latest version and customers cannot unsubscribe from these updates.  Customers running unsupported software versions (those older than GA-1) may find that cloud connectivity issues may occur if their unsupported software release has an incompatibility with the latest cloud release.

Customers with policies preventing automatic updates, for example those in isolated networks or those requiring change control of software versions, should enable offline updates and ensure that their internal change control policies are updated to permit rolling software upgrades to maintain a supported software version.

Hardware replacement (RMA) software versions

Vectra manufactures and ships appliances with the earliest possible supported software version (GA-1) to ensure that customers with backups have the best opportunity to restore those backups in the event of an unfortunate hardware failure.  Since backups can only be restored to the same release of software as the version they are taken from the following notes should be observed:

Customer's Cognito deployment is running the latest (GA) release

When receiving the replacement appliance the appliance should be updated to the latest version using automatic updates or offline updates.  The backup may then be restored.

Customer's Cognito deployment is running the previous (GA-1) release

When receiving the replacement appliance the appliance should be updated manually to the matching release using the offline update process.  Using the automatic update process runs the risk of the appliance updating to a version more recent that the release matching the backup file and, in these circumstances, the backup cannot be restored.

Customer's Cognito deployment is running an earlier (unsupported) release

It is probable that the replacement appliance will arrive with the GA-1 release.  In these circumstances the backup cannot be restored.

In the rare case that a warehoused appliance arrives with an earlier release the customer may choose to attempt restore of the backup, however this restore may fail due to version mismatch and, as an unsupported software version, Vectra's Support team will not normally be able to assist in resolving these issues.


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