Accessing Recall from home office environments


Cognito Recall environments are protected by IP address ACLs to prevent unauthorized persons from attempting to login to Cognito Recall.  These IP address ACLs typically include only public IP addresses for corporate network infrastructure and usually exclude public IP addresses of home networks, preventing users from accessing Cognito Recall when working from a home office.


Users wishing to access Recall from a home office should consider:

  1. Discussing infrastructure options with their IT team, including the use of corporate proxies to permit access to Cognito Recall via their existing corporate VPN connections.  This is the safest option and the Vectra recommended solution.
  2. Accessing Cognito Recall from a host within the corporate network, e.g. a terminal server, Citrix server, or another remotely accessible host with access to Recall.
  3. Requesting their home office public IP address be added to the Recall IP address ACL.  This is not a recommended solution as it exposes the Cognito Recall stack to access from uncontrolled environments, however, it may serve as a viable interim solution where other solutions are impractical or require longer lead times.

Further recommendations

Vectra recommends that customers audit their Recall user accounts and ACL lists as part of a quarterly review with their account representatives.

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