Single Sign-on (SSO) Access to Recall

Starting in version 5.6 Vectra has introduced a new way to access your Recall account. The new preferred method to access Recall Data is through your Detect UI, this also allows you to use your same egress whitelisted IP when working remotely, instead of having to add additional whitelist IP's( all requests to Recall will be proxied through Detect) when needing to access Recall offsite.

When looking at detections on the Detect UI, select the link "Investigate in Cognito Recall" to access Recall data. This will navigate to the Recall UI and access the detection that is being investigated. 




This feature also allows the users with Detect login credentials to go straight to their Recall Account without the need for an additional Recall user login. (You will not be able to use your Detect login to login to Recall UI, but you will be able to access Recall through the Detect login. You may still request a separate Recall login from Vectra Support if this is needed)

If your company does not want all users to have access to the Recall instance, you can manage your users under Manage>Roles>Create New Role. Then add the Users to a role without access to the permission "Recall - Data Access.




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