Vectra Cognito 6.0 Release Notes

Cognito® Version 6.0 introduces the general availability of Cognito Detect for O365 –providing deep coverage and visibility into behaviors in Office 365 suite of applications and surfacing the accounts and detections in the existing Cognito UI. For more details, please see release notes or the data sheet here. Signing up for a free trial is easy, visit the Cognito Saas page in the Cognito UI and click on ‘Free trial’ option and follow the steps in the onboarding guide.

 Cognito® Version 6.0 also includes the following features and enhancements as well as a few bug fixes:

  • Security Insights – new host and novel mac vendor
  • Support for markdown, hyperlinks and formatted text in notes as well as ability to add multiple notes on hosts, detections and accounts.
  • CrowdStrike OAuth2 support for authentication. Additional information can be found here.
  • Windows event log ingestion over syslog
  • Enhanced details in detection syslog and kafka output
  • Recall Certificate Expiry Dashboard

Click below to download the release notes for Cognito® Version 6.0.

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