Vectra Cognito 6.2 Release Notes

Cognito® Version 6.2 includes the following features and enhancements as well as a few bug fixes:

  • Link Network & O365 Accounts into a Unified View
  • SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On to Detect UI
  • Executive Report: What’s on my Network?
    • Device Inventory by Mac Vendor
    • Endpoint Coverage
    • High Privilege Entities
  • New Info detections:
    • New Host Role
    • Novel Admin Protocol Usage
  • Six new alerts for Detect for O365
  • Download the O365 logs that fired the detection
  • Disable Anonymization in Detect for O365
  • CrowdStrike EU Cloud and US Commercial Cloud 2 support
  • New Cognito Recall Saved Searches
  • User configured static hosts
  • Additional syslog format support for Windows event log ingestion
  • Share link maximum duration increased to 30 days

Click below to download the release notes for Cognito® Version 6.2.

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