Azure Brain Deployment Guide

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This document outlines the steps to deploy a Vectra Detect for Network Brain in a customer’s Azure subscription.  The Brain is deployed using the Azure CLI with a template provided by Vectra.  The template references a Brain image that is made available to individual Azure logins via a shared image gallery.

For more details around initial settings for the Brain after successfully deploying it in Azure, see the Vectra Cognito Platform Getting Started Guide that is available on the Vectra Support portal.

For more details around deploying and Pairing Azure vSensors please see the Azure Sensor Deployment Guide


  • Requirements and Deployment Steps
  • Preparing the Environment
    • Azure Permissions Required
    • Accepting the Organization Invite from Vectra
    • Connectivity Requirements
    • Creating Azure Resources
  • Deploying the Brain Image
    • Interactive Deployment
    • Parameter File-Based Deployment
    • Completing the Brain Deployment
  • Configuring Initial Brain Settings
  • Host ID Extraction
    • Configuration Example
    • Viewing and Modifying Virtual Networks Considered by the Connector
  • Pairing Sensors
  • Worldwide Support Contact Information
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